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HERD: Inuit Voices on Caribou

The "HERD" project tells the story of Inuit connections with caribou in the Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut regions of Labrador, Canada. 
Through Inuit leadership, we are using visual media as a way to share Inuit voices and experiences with caribou so that this information can be preserved for future generations.
So far, 85 Inuit from 11 communities have taken part in this work. 
This website hosts some of the visual media that we are currently working on, including a documentary film and photography. 


From the voices of some of the people involved in this project, this short video highlights the importance of caribou for Inuit. It shares some of the ways Inuit have been effected by the caribou population declines in Labrador. The video also sheds light on the future of Inuit connections with caribou. 
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Cover photo - SMALL_caribou.png
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Michele Wood

Joseph Townley

Jim Goudie

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Ashlee Cunsolo

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Amy Hudson

Charlene Kippenhuck

George Russell


Charlie Flowers

David Borish


Jamie Snook

Inez Shiwak

Aaron Dale

Meredith Purcell


Sherilee Harper

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