Film Festivals

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival - 2022 (1).
2022 laurels Official
OFFICIAL SELECTION - RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival  Awards - Native Cinema -

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News Articles

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Private Screenings & Education


A private screening of HERD was shared at the Harvard Chan C-Change Youth Summit on Climate, Equity, and Health in Boston, July 2022. More than 100 students from across North America attended the screening, and several created their own projects based on reflections of the film, such as this student project.

Director David Borish spoke about the HERD project for the Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants (EBTSOYP) polar educational series in the spring of 2022. Multiple primary school classes across Canada and the US attended.  

Director David Borish spoke about the HERD project for the Explorers Club in 2021, including discussing the co-creation process of working alongside Inuit communities to produce a documentary film and research.