learn about caribou

TuktuTeach is a knowledge sharing program about caribou. You will have an opportunity to learn about caribou, the land, Inuit history, culture, and stories, all through interactive online activities.  



There are some important things to know in order to hunt a caribou in a respectful manner. Learn what to look out for, which kind of caribou to hunt, and how to bring it home and share it with your community.


how to skin a caribou

It is important to not waste any of the caribou that you harvest. Learn how to skin a caribou, prepare the meat, and use every part of the animal. 

how to cook caribou

Caribou can be cooked in so many different ways... yum! Learn about some great meals and how to cook them.  


I would get to experience the whole camping trip, out in tent, and hunting the caribou and shooting them, and which way is best to do it, and then bringing it home to our family, right? And it’s too bad that I missed out on this.

- Nick Flowers, youth from Hopedale